The Modern Handbag: What Yours Says About You

by the Mayath staff

Every spring, models walk the catwalks of places like Paris, London, Milan and New York,

showing off the latest fashions from famous designers. It’s all about pitching to the public

what they should wear. And in modern times it’s also about what they should carry.

Handbags, as we all know, are a fashion statement. They always have been to some extent,

yet never has this been more true than today. There are whole fashion shows – and

segments of shows – devoted specifically to the latest designs in handbags. The designs

nowadays are so widely varied that you can find a bag for every function and look.

Discount retailers such as, recognize that you can have a bag not only for

every day of the week, but for every venue, event, clothing style and function. You may want

the colors to match a particular outfit; you might even want it to match your hairstyle. .

Some women want one bag to go with everything they own; others are happy to spend

hundreds or even thousands on a variety of bags from the most popular designers.

For most people the latter scenario isn’t practical, or even possible, and that’s fine. Just keep

in mind that a handbag is a fashion accessory, just like your jewelry, eyeglasses, scarves and

belts, so you want yours to fit your look and personality. It should also fit your lifestyle,

which is why one girl favors a tote or cinch-style bag, while another insists on a more

conservative cross-body or quasi-briefcase. Materials are important to the look, too, and

they can range anywhere from satin or leather to hemp, vinyl or cloth.

Having said all that, here’s a little advice for all you ladies who are not rolling in green, but

like to look that way:

  • Don’t impulse shop. I know, I know: that new Coach design is just screaming to you
  • as you walk through Lord & Taylor. Go ahead and look at it. Pet it, if you have to. But
  • ask yourself, “Do I already have something that goes with my skinny jeans and
  • button-down?”
  • Don’t try to impress people with designer names. It’s all the rage, and it doesn’t
  • work. Frankly, handbags are like the finest clothing. They look good because they
  • look good, not because they have a particular name attached.
  • Don’t be fooled by price tags. Just because it’s offered at $500 doesn’t necessarily
  • mean its quality is better than, say, a similar bag offered at $200. Sometimes you pay
  • for the name, but the quality isn’t necessarily better.
  • Don’t buy a trendy bag for mega-money that you know is going to be out of style
  • next year. Not unless you’re willing to throw that kind of money out the window.
  • Keep one high-end bag for high-end events. Keep the others simpler – and less
  • expensive. Go ahead and splurge on that Louis Vuitton bag if you think it’ll impress
  • your business clients. On the weekend, choose from your stable of under-fifty- dollar
  • bags, as you run out for pizza and a movie.

At websites like you can get a variety of quality bags at bargain prices

that will not only make you look good on the first day, but are durable enough to weather

everyday use. Yes, you can have it all: style and three square meals, too!

So have fun looking at those styles coming out of Paris. When you’re done, go online and see

what you can actually own that will serve you well at a fraction of the price! is an online retailer of discount sandals, handbags and other everyday clothing

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Sandals: Not Just for the Weekend Anymore

Sandals: Not Just for the Weekend Anymore

by the Mayath™ staff

Ah! It’s five p.m. on Friday. Time to unwind, get out of those work clothes and change into shorts and a different pair of sandals.

What’s that? A different pair? Meaning you wore a pair to work, too?

Well, why not? This is the new millennium, after all, and “dress down” is the watchword for office attire these days. What was once frowned upon at work is now expected. Not everywhere, mind you (You probably won’t find jeans on Capitol Hill), but wherever relaxed attire is the accepted mode du jour.

In fact, how many of you would say it feels uncomfortable when a man walks into your office these days wearing a suit and tie and nicely polished shoes? Did you see the movie The Intern with Robert DeNiro? These days, most offices subscribe to the theory that relaxed workers are happier workers. Comfortable casual is therefore the norm. Khakis and untucked shirts for the men, pants and rolled sleeves for the women. Every office has it’s own code, of course, but you get the idea: as long as it’s neat and clean—and not too casual—it’ll work.

So why not sandals?

Once upon a time, sandals were the only work attire, at least in fair weather. The Romans swore by them, even for their warriors. As the centuries wore on and clothing became more sophisticated, full-bodied shoes took over. Mainly, they served the function of protecting the feet when farming, and later, working in manufacturing facilities. In Victorian times boots became the norm, partly because the streets were muddy, but also out of a dreaded fear of showing off one’s (gulp!) feet or ankles in public.

Sandals stayed popular into the twentieth century in many cultures where warm weather dominated, while their use declined in Western cultures. Then in the sixties and seventies—that era of headbands, bellbottoms and flowered everything—sandals made a comeback. Full-leather stock and wooden Dr. Scholl’s clogs—everyone wore them. They just complemented the styles of the time so well.

Fast forward to the present. Sandals have grown in popularity lately, and with that demand naturally came a cry for more style. The makers have responded with styles that are not only comfortable but tres chic. It’s not uncommon to find them made in the most expensive materials and adorned with everything from silk to semi-precious stones.

That’s not to say you need a pair of Jimmy Choo’s to meet the office attire do-and-do-not list. So many makers produce inexpensive, yet elegantly styled flats and heels that you can own a pair for every day of the week without going broke.

“If you think of sandals as an accessory, it’s easier to imagine how even the most affordable ones will work well,” says Mawien Mayath of ( which offers a variety of stylish sandals online at a fraction of what you’d pay in the stores. “It’s like jewelry. You don’t need to wear your best diamond bracelet or pearl necklace to work every day. Costume jewelry works just as well, especially in a casual office environment.”

But do you want to wear them to work? Keep in mind that you’ll be baring most of your feet to the world. Which naturally begs the question: am I comfortable doing that? If you have feet worthy of a foot model, the answer is probably yes. If not, then you might hesitate. Yet, when you think about it, most of us don’t have perfect feet just like most of us don’t have Hollywood faces. Bunions, ingrown toenails—who’s going to care or even notice? For most feet, nicely clipped nails and a little polish take care of everything. And the sandals available out there are so beautiful they can make any pair of feet glimmer.

So think about adding sandals to your office wardrobe. And take casual chic to the next level. is an online retailer of discount sandals, handbags and other everyday clothing and accessories. Go to to see our beautiful selection.